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Chairman (Club Captain) & Treasurer

Chairman (Club Captain)

Some clubs have these as separate roles, some have one person fulfilling both. The Club Captain and/or Chairman is responsible for ensuring that all of the club work together.

If a club have two separate roles, then the Club Captain is effectively the Chairman of Selectors, ensuring the sides are fielded each week and ensuring liaison between the captains, whilst the Club Chairman ensures the administrative tasks are all undertaken.

* Ensure regular Committee meetings are held and direct the club. All of the club officers need to know what is going on with other aspects of the club.

* On a week to week basis, ensure selection progresses according to club policies. Captains should be working to ensure free movement of players up and down the club, and someone needs to overlook this to ensure they are doing so.

* Ensure Club Discipline is upheld, and the Club Discipline Code is applied.


Ensure prompt payment of match fees by captains. Don't allow a captain to get into arrears on match fees - it gives the club and captain a problem.

* Ensure a system is in place to track match fees owed. Don’t let players get away with “I’ll pay next week” and never actually make up their debts.

* Pay the club’s bills - League and Cup entry fees, pitch fees, catering, etc.

* Ensure the club has suitable insurance policies in place.

* Ensure the club accounts are kept up-to-date, and sound. Ensure you have funds at the start of the season to pay affiliation fees, pitch bookings, new kits etc. Many of these have to be paid up front before a ball is kicked.

* Present accounts to the club’s AGM.

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