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Club Secretary & Club Fixture Secretary

Club Secretary

The Club Secretary is the main contact with the Amateur Football Combination (AFC), the Amateur Football Alliance (AFA), and all other member clubs. The Club Secretary is responsible for most of the club administration with the "outside world".

* Registers the club with the AFA, AFC and various Cup Competitions (May/June).

* Deals with correspondence (primarily from the AFC and AFA) and fines promptly (typically within 7 or 14 days).

* Notifies the AFA and AFC of any changes to club details.

* Deals with any Spirit of Football issues from the league.

* Attends AFC (the league) and AFA (the county) meetings.

* Produces agenda and minutes for club committee meetings.

* Attends and reports to the club’s monthly meetings.

* Provides update on the disciplinary and administrative position of the club.

* Liaises closely with all other committee members.

Club Fixture Secretary

The club fixture secretary is the main contact with other clubs and referees for the day-to-day arrangement of fixtures.

* Check your fixtures for mistakes, clashes, pitch allocation problems, as soon as they are published by the league. Don’t wait a week as it’ll be too late for the League Match Secretaries to be able to address any problems.

* For all home games ensure you confirm details (venue, kickoff time, team colours, and details for post-match hospitality) with the opposition Fixture Secretary by the Monday preceding the game. Do not simply leave a message on voicemail or email and assume the game is confirmed. Make sure you receive confirmation.

If you haven't had confirmation from your opposition or the referee by the middle of the week, contact the League Match Secretary and/or Referees' Secretary.

    • For home games ensure you confirm details (as above) with league appointed referees by the Monday preceding the game. If you cannot contact a league appointed referee, contact the appropriate Assistant Referees Secretary.
    • If the league cannot provide a referee for a game, the home club are responsible for providing a club referee.
    • Confirm details of all matches with your team captains. If a team does not intend to accept hospitality at away games, ensure you tell the opposition well in advance. If the game is a Cup game, make sure the captain knows the Cup Rules (earlier kickoff time, details for extra time and penalties)
    • Make sure you have booked pitches for all home games. If your home pitches may need inspecting on the morning of the game, make sure you have made ar rangementsto do so to prevent unnecessary travel.
    • If you have a game postponed for any reason, make sure you tell the referee, referees' secretary, the opposition and the League Match Secretary.
    • After games have been played, make sure your club has recorded all of its teams' match returns on Full-Time by the agreed deadlines.

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