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Looking After Referees - Club Reminders


Clubs are reminded of the following, which will hopefully assist them in looking after their referees on and off the pitch:-

* Every game needs a referee. Each club, player and spectator has a responsibility to look after them and respect their decisions regardless of whether they agree with the decision.

* A referee is in charge of a game from the moment he/she arrives at a ground.

* Where possible the AFC will provide a league appointed referee for each game.

* If the league cannot provide a referee for a game, it is the responsibility of the home team to provide a referee (see league rule 13).

* Make sure you offer the referee's match fee before the game.

* If you are using repeat substitions hand the referee your team sheet at least five minutes before kick off

* If a referee does not turn up for a game, it is the responsibility of both clubs to agree a referee (see league rule 13).

* Referees will make decisions honestly and impartially to the best of their ability.

* Referees won't be correct 100% of the time, but their decision is final.

* Referees are encouraged to give pre-match Spirit of Football briefings to teams.

* Referees should check boots, shin guards and jewellery before games.

* Referees will endeavour to arrive at the game at least 30 minutes before kickoff.

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