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Hospitality & Refreshment

Looking After Your Visitors

The following normally apply to the Team Captain and/or Manager, though many clubs will delegate some or all to other people.

* Check the match balls, pitch, nets, goalposts and corner flags before the game, not just before kickoff when it's too late to fix any problems.

* Ensure you meet the referee when he/she arrives. Offer him/her the match ball (and spare) and match fee before the game, and make sure he/she knows where to change, where the pitch is and the hospitality arrangements afterwards.

* Ensure the opposition have arrived, know where to change and where the pitch is, and that there are no colour clashes. Make they know the post-match hospitality arrangements.

* Make sure your team, the referee and the opposition are aware of arrangements for valuables (generally they’re safest on the pitch, with the goalkeeper).

* At half time, make sure you offer refreshments to the opposition and the referee.

* After the game, make sure you remind the referee and the away team of the hospitality details.

Hospitality & Refreshment

Hospitality is an integral part of our league; home and away clubs should do their best to ensure that hospitality is both offered and accepted. Full details on hospitality can be found under Rule 25 in this handbook.

* Home clubs should make sure they notify opposition and referees of hospitality arrangements early in the week. If the away club are unable to accept hospitality, they should notify the home club well in advance - not on the day when arrangements will have already been made.

* Home clubs should meet the referee and opposition when they arrive at the ground.

* Home clubs should provide the referee and opposition with half time refreshment.

* Home clubs should remind the referee and opposition of hospitality details after the game. If they forget, the referee and away team should ask for details.

* Away clubs should ensure they accept hospitality offered.

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