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    Pre season underway 4 many in the the afc with 1 goal a trip to the oval in may to pick up lots of silverware…

Notes For Referees

The League is always working to get as many referees on our panel as we can, to maximise the number of games to which we can appoint independent officials.

Appointments/Before the Game

* Please ensure the Referees' Secretary has your up-to-date availability.

* As far as we are able, we will appoint suitable referees to all games. We are keen to provide challenging games for experienced referees, and also help develop new referees and referees seeking promotion.

* The full list of fixtures and referee appointments are distributed to clubs and referees 10-12 days in advance of fixtures.

* Provisional fixtures and appointments are confirmed with promotion candidates 2- 3 weeks in advance (to allow for arrangement of possible assessments).

* Clubs should confirm fixture details with referees five days in advance.If a club leave a message for you, please make sure you call them back. If a club hasn't confirmed three days before a match, please report it to the Referees Secretaries.


Match Day

* Turn up at least 30 minutes before kickoff, to give yourself time to prepare.

* Ensure the home club provide you with the match ball (and a spare) and you have checked the pitch, goalposts, flags etc.

* Collect team-sheets from each side. If a team sheet is not provided then only named substitutes can be used as repeat substitutes to replace each other.

* Give pre-match briefings to teams if you feel comfortable doing so, & be procative in involving the team captains and/or managers in controlling the game.

* Please accept club hospitality when possible (and tell us if it isn't offered!).

* Ensure all misconduct is reported to the relevant County Football Association.

* Ensure you always have a league handbook with you, in case of problems.

* Ensure you are given your Match Fee (and tell us if you have problems)!


After the Game

* Please ensure you send in a report card (email or pre-paid post) for all games.

* Please be objective on any low mark reports clubs might submit. The Referees' Secretary will be happy to discuss them.

* Please recommend any players you consider worthy of the Representative Team.


It's Your League Too

* Please liase with the Referees' Secretaries on any issues regarding the League. Good or bad, we want to hear from you.

* If you know of any other referees who may wish to join our panel, spread the word, and if you want some Recruitment Leaflets to pass on, just ask for them.

* Where possible, provide the league with an E-Mail address for correspondence.

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