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Reporting Scorelines & Submitting Results

Reporting Scorelines

* Scorelines of AFC League & Cup games played by AFC clubs must be reported (home and away teams) via SMS Text Message to the FA's Full-Time system by 7pm on the day of the game (10pm for midweek games).

* Remember that scorelines for cup competitions not run by the AFC must also be reported to the competition concerned.

* All London Old Boys' Cup results should also be reported by SMS Text Result. Any penalty shootout results should be telephoned to the AFC Divisional Match Secretary that your XI plays in by 9pm on the day of the game.


Scorelines by SMS Text Message

The scorelines of all AFC & Cup games must be reported via SMS Text Message. The system we are using is provided by the FA, as part of their "Full-Time" league administration package. When results are reported, these will appear automatically on the league website, and will automatically update the league tables. For each team, two mobile numbers can be registered.

During each game, the FA system will send an SMS Text Message to each registered mobile number, prompting you to send in the result of the game. After the game, both home and away clubs should report the score by replying to their message giving the score for the game, home team first, away team second, and separated by a hyphen.

For example to report a 2-1 win to the home side you would simply reply: 2-1

The only exception is if you are registered to send in results for more than one team, in which case Full-Time will send you a team code, which you need to include after the result so the system can identify which team is being reported. For example, to report a 3-2 win to the away side, UCL Academicals 6ths (code is UCL6), the reply would be: 2-3 UCL6

It's important to note you should not add other information and must be sent from one of the registered mobiles (as the system identifies you by the mobile number).

Full-Time now allows SMS users to submit full score-lines from cup games, including the scores after extra time and penalties. Previously the functionality only allowed a single, “full time” score line to be submitted, which was not satisfactory if the game progressed to extra time and/or penalties.

The format of the outgoing SMS message sent to administrators (for Cup Fixtures and Other Fixtures, for league games the current outgoing message is unchanged) is as follows:-
FA Full-Time Results: CHED v ARSD, Sun 12 Feb 14:15. Reply with H-A score & code CHED, followed by AET & PENS if required: eg 2-2 CHED 3-3 AET 3-1 PENS

The Team Administrator is therefore required to potentially send back up to four pieces of information in the same SMS text message:-

1.Score – The score after normal time in the usual way

2.Short Code – if they are required to submit a short code, to identify which team is involved.

3.Extra Time score – the score line after extra time, followed by AET (it is essential that AET is included, to identify that the scores beforehand applies to extra time)

4.Penalty score – the score after penalties, followed by PENS(it is essential that PENS is included, to identify that the scores beforehand applies to penalties)

If the normal time score is not level, then any extra time and penalty score will be ignored. If extra time is not played, and the game goes direct to penalties, then do not input an extra time score nor AET (e.g. 2-2 CHED 3-1 PENS means the game finished 2-2 and went straight to penalties).

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