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Submitting Results using Full Time

Results of all games must be submitted by text using the auto text facility received during the game on each playing day.

The submitting of results using Full Time is an essential piece of information which clubs are required to input each week.

If results data and team sheet data is not entered onto Full Time, or is only part completed, your club will be fined, and this fine will be increased until the data is fully entered (this includes all relevant SoF marks). All fields marked with an * must be completed.

Full Time needs to be completed for all your Club’s matches that appear on Full Time (Saturday and midweek; League and Cup fixtures). Match data will appear at the top of the page together as will the appointed referee (No referee's name for County Cups).

Referee: Give the referee a mark out of 100. Full Time will show the referee's name allocated to the match. Should the referees name not be the correct or no referees name is shown (Club referee) please complete the "Change of Referee" field at the bottom of the entry page.

Details on marking referees can be found later in this section. If a mark of 60 or lower is awarded,a written explanation must be sent to the relevant League Officer within seven days of the match.

Spirit of Football: Clubs should give a mark out of 10 for each opposition team's attitude in the way they played in the Spirit of Football. Consider their fair play, respect for all, language and general behaviour. Any mark of 4 or below must be explained in the "Note field (max 80 characters)"

These marks together with those given by Referees will be taken into account when considering the annual Spirit of Football Awards.

Hospitality: Away sides should give marks out of ten for the home side’s Organisation, Facilities and Hospitality. Any mark of 4 or below must have a report sent to the League Secretary.
It is important that if hospitality is unsatisfactory, the reasons are given, as well as any comment on amenities (i.e. pitch markings, changing facilities, etc).
Both sides should indicate in the fields shown whether Hospitality was offered to their opponents, and also whether it was accepted.

Venue: Indicate which ground was used, using the codes in the handbook (e.g. ground “A”).

Discipline: Clubs should input number of cautions and/or dismissals for both sides If none a 0 must be entered ; names of players involved are not required, but clubs should report within the "Note field" details of any action taken by the club (including the club's own disciplinary code) as a consequence.

Late KO/Reason: Yes or No including details of how late KO actually was, and whose fault.
"Note": Any additional comments should be input in the Note field (80 characters max). Include details of any postponements, explanation of low marks and any other brief details you need to report.

Serious Events: Any serious incidents should be reported separately, e.g. serious foul play, abandonments, etc. These should be notified immediately to the Discipline Secretary and also to the relevant League Match Secretary, including details of any action taken by the club.

Marking Out of Ten

When Clubs or Referees are asked to give marks for Spirit of Football, Organisation, Hospitality or Facilities (but not for clubs marking referees - see F.A. Guidance for Marking Referees later in this section) marks out of ten should be given. Please try to be objective and consistent. The following may help to provide a guideline to how we will interpret these marks:-

Mark Comments                        Mark Comments
10 Faultless                              5 Below Average
9 Excellent                                4 Unsatisfactory
8 Very Good                              3 Poor
7 Good                                     2 Very Poor
6 Average                                 1 Totally Unacceptable

Remember that a mark of 4 or below given by clubs for Spirit of Football , Organisation, Facilities or Hospitality requires an explanation in the notes section or a separate report. Please ensure that such comments are written in a constructive and objective manner. Long explanations are not required so long as the details are concise and to the point.

These marks and comments significantly assist league officers in monitoring clubs and enabling us to help clubs to maintain standards and are also used by the league when determining the various annual club awards.

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