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Promoting Fair Play and Respect for All

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Team Captain/Manager

Remember that you are responsible for the behaviour of your players on match-day, and the team captain is also the most visible “face of the club” to referees and opposition. You need to set a good example and make sure your players follow it.

During The Week

• Ensure your fixture secretary has provided you with the details for the game (venue, kickoff time, opposition team colours, details for post-match hospitality).

• Confirm your players’ availability early in the week, and liaise with your other teams on selection. If your club has a problem with player numbers, the opposition and league want to hear about it sooner rather than later.

• Ensure you are aware of any banned players (whether by the County, or by your Club). And don’t play them!

• For away games, ensure all of your team are aware of transport plans (and check in advance for rail disruption, road closures etc). With travel around London as unpredictable as it is, aim to meet at the ground 45-60 minutes before kickoff.

• For home games, ensure your team know when to meet, and you have match balls (minimum two), practice balls, a pump, a spare whistle (in case you need to provide the referee at the last minute), half time refreshments, nets, ties, pegs, corner flags and a first aid kit.

• For all games, make sure you have the team kit and it arrives on time!

• For all games, make sure you have the mobile numbers of all players. Don't tolerate players arriving late (make them substitutes!).

• Ensure you always have a league handbook with you, in case of problems.

On the Day of the Match

• Remind your players about the Spirit of Football and check if the referee wants to brief the players. Make sure you're wearing the captain's armband.

• At least five minutes before kick off, if you intend to use repeat substitutions make sure the referee has your team sheet with the names of everyone in your squad. If you don't want to use repeat substitions you must still give the referee the names of all substitutes. If you don't name a substitute, the referee isn't allowed to let him play.

• Make sure your team are ready and on time for kickoff. Remember you only have to have seven players to start the game.

• Collect match fees from all of your players, and note down what you have collected (and paid out) as well as match fees not collected (“I’ll pay next week skip”). Note the referee's name, and the marks for the referee, Spirit of Football and hospitality as well as details of any cautions and dismissals (and quite possibly, goalscorers). Ensure all of these are reported to your club secretary promptly.

Spirit of Football

• Ensure you wear a Respect captain’s armband - these will be provided by the AFC

• Together with your opposition captain, make yourself known to the referee before the game. He/she will ask if you are clear about your responsibilities

• Ensure all your players understand what they can/cannot do in relation to the referee and what is meant by ‘unwanted behaviour’.

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