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Referees Index

The Amateur Football Combination Referees' Committee deals with the appointment and recruitment of referees and all matters pertaining to the welfare and involvement of referees within the league.

Referees Details

Please note that it is our policy that Referees' Contact Details are not published on the website, but they may be found within the League Handbook, and any updates and amendments are included within the weekly fixture bulletin.

Refereeing in the AFC

Referees' Panel - How We Work

The League is always working to get as many referees on our panel as we can, to maximise the number of games to which we can appoint independent officials. 

Appointments/Before the Game

  • Please ensure the Referees' Secretary has your up-to-date availability. We don't want to give you a game if you aren't available, nor leave you without if you are.
  • As far as we are able, we will appoint suitable referees to all games. We are keen to provide challenging games for experienced referees, and also help develop new referees and referees seeking promotion.
  • The full list of fixtures and referee appointments are distributed to clubs and referees 10-12 days in advance of fixtures.
  • Clubs should confirm fixture details with referees no later than five days in advance. If a club leave a message for you, please make sure you call them back. If a club hasn't confirmed three days before a match, please report it to the Referees Secretaries.

Match Day

  • Turn up at least 30 minutes before kickoff, to give yourself time to prepare.
  • Ensure the home club provide you with the match ball (and a spare) and you have checked the pitch, goalposts, flags etc.
  • Give pre-match briefings to teams if you feel comfortable doing so, and be pro-active in involving the team captains and/or managers in controlling the game.
  • Please accept club hospitality when possible (and tell us if it isn't offered!).
  • Ensure all misconduct is reported to the relevant County Football Association.
  • Ensure you always have a league handbook with you, in case of problems.
  • Ensure you are given your Match Fee before the game (and tell us if you have problems)
  • Make sure teams provide you with a team-sheet showing players names - they MUST DO THIS if they want to take the opportunity of using Rolling Subs. 

After the Game

  • ASAP please ensure you send in a report card (email or pre-paid post) for all games to Ian Andrews.
  • Please be objective on any low mark reports clubs may submit. The AFC Secretary will be happy to discuss them.
  • Please recommend any senior XI players you consider worthy of the Representative Team.

It's Your League Too

  • Please liase with the Referees' Secretaries on any issues regarding the league. Good or bad, we want to hear from you.
  • If you know of any other referees who may wish to join our panel, spread the word, and if you want some Recruitment Leaflets to pass on, just ask for them.
  • Where possible, provide the league with an E-Mail address for correspondence.


Referee's Committee

Referee Appointments

Referee appointments are made by the Referees' Committee, and in particular by the Referees' Secretaries,  John Fowler (North) &  Ian Andrews (South) with adjustments handled by the Assistant Referees' Secretaries: Alex Grayburn (North) and Chad Chaudhuri. (South).

Appointments are generally made 10-12 days in advance of games, and a full list of fixtures (including referee appointments) are sent out to all clubs, officers and referees by post or email. These fixtures are also published on this website (see Fixtures Index) This timescale allows us to ensure that clubs and referees receive their details at least a week in advance of games.

The initial appointments are made by John Fowler(North) & Ian Andrews (South) and once these appointments have been made any adjustments (caused by injuries, changes to fixtures, county cup appointments and so forth) are made by Alex Grayburn - Tel: 07976 514 623 (M) and Chad Chaudhuri.. Tel; 020 8349 9748 (H), 07956 523488 (M) . Alex Grayburn handles all fixtures in the North (the A40 is considered the border to the west of London, the Thames to the east) and Chad Chaudhuri. in the South.

Referee's Committee

The Referee's Committee meets throughout the season to consider and deal with any business pertaining to the AFC and its referees.


Young Referees (Referees aged 16 and 17)

The Amateur Football Combination's policy to promote the interests of younger referees is to introduce them to refereeing adult football in stages as they mature. We would encourage referees to register with the league immediately upon qualification.

Young referees' names will be published in the league handbook provided that they will reach their 17th birthday during the season concerned, and they will begin receiving refereeing appointments once they have qualified as level 7 referees.

We would encourage all young referees to seek a mentor.


Increasingly, young and new referees are being advised to find a "mentor", and experienced referee designed to support and guide them in those early matches, and develop a friendship that will hopefully continue into a long-standing support.

The mentor is there to praise a referee's good points, help him or her to identify and improve any areas of weakness and to assist him or her in improving their performance levels as a referee and as an assistant referee.

For more details on mentoring please contact your County Referee Development Officer.

AFC - Referee Registration - 2017/18

To register to join the AFC you can download a copy of the Referees' Registration form here (both Excel and PDF formats are available). This form can be emailed to the Referees' Secretary, or you can contact one of the Referees' Secretaries by telephone.

Where possible we would encourage you to send the Excel format of the form via email - this will enable us to return the form to you for next season and save you having to re-enter your contact details (address etc). If you download the PDF form you will need to print it and fill it in by hand (you cannot complete and email the PDF form).

Please click on either of the following links:

AFC Referees Registration Form 2017-18 - EXCEL

AFC Referees Registration Form 2017-18 - PDF

Have you spent many years associated with the same local league, only deciding to stay with them because of the "better the devil you know" concept?



The Amateur Football Combination (AFC), formed in 2002 by the merger of the Old Boys' Football League and Southern Olympian League, is affiliated to the Amateur Football Alliance (A.F.A.), London F.A., Middlesex F.A. and Surrey F.A. and has over 100 clubs and more than 350 sides playing on Saturday afternoons from September through to May all over the London area, as the Map of AFC Clubs shows.

The Amateur Football Combination has an emphasis of providing competitive football and a key focus on good sportsmanship, sociability and hospitality after the game. Home clubs are expected to entertain the opposition and match officials after games, providing food and drink, acknowledging that there should be more to football than simply ninety minutes on the pitch.

AFC football offers players and referees alike the chance to participate at a level which suits their ability, providing a competitive but sporting game whether they are 1st XI or 9th XI fixtures.

In AFC football referees are considered as part of the family, and an integral part of the game. There is no "them and us", and referees are treated just as hospitably after the game as the opposition.

If you're a referee interested in officiating in a friendly atmosphere please contact us. We are always keen to attract new match officials, be they experienced or recently qualified referees who are looking to progress their refereeing careers.

Existing referees wishing to re-register for the AFC should click here to register

For those wishing to train to qualify as referees click here for details of AFA referee training courses.

Referee Training Courses

New Referees

Are you interested in training to become a referee?

It doesn't matter whether your ambition is to referee at the highest level, or just fill in on a Sunday morning when your appointed referee is suddenly not available, or help out with your son or daughter's youth them. The Amateur Football Alliance (A.F.A.), the parent county for the Amateur Football Combination, has the course for you.

All A.F.A. referee training courses are staffed by Football Association Licensed Instructors and upon successful completion you will be registered with the A.F.A., or the County F.A. in which you reside, if this should be your choice.

For more information please contact the Amateur Football Alliance.

We would encourage all newly qualified referees to seek a mentor.



Referees who wish to try for promotion should contact their Parent County Football Association. If you are unsure of the procedure then please contact the AFC Referees' Secretary for more details.

Emailing Referee Result Sheets in the AFC

The Referee's Result Sheet can now be submitted via email. Referees should  click here and select "Save As" to download a copy of the blank sheet (Microsoft Excel format). Please read the user guide on how to complete this form attached click here

Once completed, the Excel file should be sent to the, which ensures it reaches both the Referees' Secretary and our data collator no later than Tuesday following the game, but ideally asap after the game. 

When you email the form, please ensure you send it as an Excel attachment.

For more information about this form contact Ian Andrews


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