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    Pre season underway 4 many in the the afc with 1 goal a trip to the oval in may to pick up lots of silverware…

Football Association Commemorative Medallion Awards


The Football Association make awards to people who have given 50 years' service to football, including involvement as a player, referee or Club, League or County administrator.

For more information on how to apply for this award please contact the League Secretary.

Listed below are the recipients of the award who are associated with the Amateur Football Combination.

B. Alcock (C. Hoare & Co.) *

Ken Bass * (Old Highburians)

Tony Betts (Wood Green OB)

Ron Birch * (Brent) 

Bernie Bower (Wood Green OB)

John Billing (Old Wokingians)


Bill Bradford (Referee)


 Keith Busby * (Fulham Compton OB)   

D.D. Collins * (Old Bromleians)

John Cooper (Old Bromleians)

Roger Craddock (Reigatians)

Dave Currey * (Hale End Athletic)

David Demeza *(Sinjuns)

Taffy Evans (Old Finchleians) 

Malcolm Edwards (Referee)


Ken Fletcher * (Old Uffingtonians)

F. Ganney (Referee)

Rob Gibbs (Parkfield)

Wally Goss * (Ulysses)

Alf Gudgin (Southgate County)

Jack Hancock (Old Grammarians)

A.R. Hanney (Royal Bank of Scotland)

Mike Hutchings (Liverpool Victoria)

Eric Ireton * (Old Ignatian)

Dick Jenkins * (Ealing Association)

Peter Kearns (Old Suttonians)

Max Lea M.B.E. (Old Parmiterians)

Geoff Lence (Old Fincunians)

Sid Marchant * (Hale End Athletic)

Steve Martin * (Parkfield)

Syd McGowan (Wood Green OB)


Alan Meyer (Old Camdenians)

Peter Mills MBE *(Dorkinians)

Spud Murphy * (Witan) 

Eddie Myers (Old Thorntonians)

Fred Nuckey (Bealonians)

P.A. O'Reilly * (Temple Bar) 

Malcolm Perks  (Glyn Old Boys)

Ron Peters * (Dorkinians)

D.R. Pitt * (Midland Bank)

Ted Potts * (Referee)

Frank Randall (HSBC) 

Derek Rattenbury * (Dorkinians)

Ben Robbins (Wood Green OB)


Alan Robinson (Old Camdenians) 

V.G. Ross * (Wood Green Old Boys)

Ken Scott (Old Southallians) 

Colin Sharp * (Eagle Star)

Peter Smith (Referee) 

George Snow (Liverpool Victoria)

Doug Stafford (Old Danes) 

Trevor Syms (Latymer Old Boys)

Mike Taylor (Nat. West.) 

Sid Walpole* (Shene Old Grammarians)

Tony Waterson (Old Suttonians)

Dennis Whitehall * (AFA)

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