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    Pre season underway 4 many in the the afc with 1 goal a trip to the oval in may to pick up lots of silverware…

Long Service Awards - Club Officers


The Amateur Football Combination recognises the service of those Club Officers whose service to their Clubs has, indirectly, assisted with the smooth administration of the league.

The officer concerned should normally have served his Club for a minimum of 20 years in key offices:- Hon. Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Match Secretary or Hon. Treasurer.

Any proposal should be made in writing to the League Secretary, for consideration and confirmation by the league.

Recipients of these Long Service Awards are shown below along with the year in which the awards were made.

Martin Armstrong (Old Suttonians, 2008)

Ken Bass * (Old Highburians, 1994)

M. Bennison (Old Wokingians, 1994)

J. Billing (Old Wokingians, 1994)

Keith Brett (Cardinal Manning Old Boys, 1997)

Denis Day (Phoenix Old Boys, 1999)

Terry Gazzard (Shene Old Grammarians, 2006)

Ernie Gray (Old Kingsburians, 2008)

A. Harradine (Mill Hill County Old Boys, 1994)

J. Haynes (Old Highburians, 2000)

Eric Ireton * (Old Ignatian, 1994)

Ken James (Old Uffiingtonians, 1994)

R. Leach (Phoenix Old Boys, 1994)

S. Lovejoy (Old Kingsburians, 1999)

Alan Meyer (Old Camdenians, 1994)

Ron Peters (Old Dorkinians, 1997)

B. Saunders (Mill Hill County Old Boys)

R. Terry (Phoenix Old Boys, 1994)

F. Warren (Old Ignatian, 1994).


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