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Safeguarding Children Workshops

The Football Association GOAL programme is an integral part of the game's dedication to Child Protection, and the Safeguarding Children Workshop is an integral guide to best practice in this area. For more information or to join a course please contact Bob Leeds (0207 359 3667) at the Amateur Football Alliance.

GOAL is about doing things the right way, doing things properly. It's about allowing children to enjoy the game without abuse of any kind. That means bullying, physical, emotional or sexual abuse and neglect.


Safeguarding Children Workshop - Level 1 Certificate

This workshop is designed to promote positive and pro-active attitudes in order to best protect all children and young people who play football, so enabling them to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment. The course provides essential guidance for thousands of adults including coaches, managers, parents, physios, match officials and club and league officials involved in football.

This course is now mandatory on all Football Association courses and is available to individuals as a stand alone workshop.

The workshop takes three hours, and is held on one evening during the week. It is an integral part of the various Coaching Certificates. Attendees must be aged sixteen or over.


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