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Spirit of Football Campaign


Referees are crucial to the success of the Spirit of Football Campaign, as they are our independent eyes and ears around the league. With this in mind please feel free to remind players about this initiative before and during the game.

Referees will find that on their result cards the references to Sportsmanship have been changed to the more fully embracing heading of “Spirit of Football” which covers behaviour, language, gamesmanship and respect for referees, team-mates, opposition and spectators. The standard marking out of 10 applies and will form an important element in establishing the season’s most deserving club.

Please feel free to add any comments on your result cards regarding the Spirit of Football, whether positive (we hope) or negative. The more feedback we get, the more support the campaign has.


For the Spirit of Football Campaign to flourish, it is essential that it is embraced by all of our member clubs, and the communities in which they operate.

We would ask clubs to try to implement as many of the following points as possible:-

  • Issue a bullet-point postcard to each of your members – players, managers, spectators, etc
  • If you can pass postcards to local schools, colleges, youth clubs, newspapers and so forth please do – this will generate more publicity for the league, and extend our boundaries. The further this campaign can be spread the better.
  • Display the posters as prominently as possible in club-houses, changing rooms, etc
  • Full details can also be found on the AFC website –
  • Stand-alone Display Cards (A2 and A3 sizes) as featured at the Annual Dinner are also available on request for League and Club functions, events and so forth. Please ask for more information.
  • When possible, please include the Spirit of Football branding on club communications and publicity. All AFC clubs are encouraged to use the Spirit of Football branding.
  • When marking your opposition (out of ten) on the Comprehensive Result Sheet, please consider all elements of the attitude in which they played within the “Spirit of Football” – promoting fair play and respect for all, including both language and general behaviour. Any mark of four or below should be explained within the remarks column, or in a separate note.
  • Club marks, together with those given by referees on their report cards will be important elements when considering the annual “Spirit of Football” award to be made by the Amateur Football Combination. It is intended that Clubs will recognise that this award will become a prestigious award made by the league and sought after and valued by all.
  • When possible, issue regular reminders of the Campaign to all captains/players. It is essential to maintain momentum if the Campaign is to succeed.

Spirit of Football Co-Ordinator

If you have any queries, comments, thoughts or suggestions about the Spirit of Football, please contact the Amateur Football Combination’s Spirit of Football campaign co-ordinator, Rob Gibbs (Grasmere Nook, 56 The Chase, Eastcote, Pinner, HA5 1SN. Tel: 020 8866 2033) who will be more than happy to discuss any aspect with you.

Clubs or referees who require any additional supplies of the cards and/or posters or wish to borrow the display cards should also contact Rob.


Spirit of Football Letter 2016/17

Spirit of Football Letter 2016/17

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