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  • Written about 29 minutes ago
    Pre season underway 4 many in the the afc with 1 goal a trip to the oval in may to pick up lots of silverware…

List of Current AFC Clubs

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Albanian FC

Bealonians FC

Brent FC

Citigroup FC

Clapham Old Xaverians FC

Dorkinians FC

Economicals FC

Egbertian FC

Enfield Old Grammarians FC

Fitzwilliam Old Boys FC

Fulham Compton Old Boys FC

Globe Rangers FC

Glyn Old Boys FC

Hale End Athletic FC

Heathrow Seniors FC

Hinton & Finchley Revolution OB FC

Honourable Artillery Company FC

IB Albion

John Fisher Old Boys FC

Kings Old Boys FC

Latymer Old Boys FC

Lea Valley FC

Leyton County Old Boys FC

London Hospital Old Boys FC

London Lawyers FC

London Welsh FC

Mayfield Athletic FC

Mickleham Old Boxhillians FC

Mill Hill Village FC

National Westminster Bank FC

New-Magdalen AFC

Old Aloysians FC

Old Boilers FC

Old Challoners FC

Old Crosbeians

Old Grantonians FC

Old Guildfordians FC

Old Hamptonians AFC

Old Ignatian FC

Old Kingsburians FC

Old Magdalenians FC

Old Manorians FC

Old Meadonians FC

Old Minchendenians FC

Old Parmiterians FC

Old Pauline FC

Old Pegasonians

Old Salvatorians FC

Old Sedcopians FC

Old St Marys FC

Old Strand Academicals

Old Suttonians FC

Old Tenisonians FC

Old Thorntonians FC

Old Tiffinians FC

Old Tollingtonians FC

Old Uffingtonians FC

Old Vaughanians FC

Old Whitgiftians AFC

Old Wokingians FC

Old Woodhouseians FC

Parkfield FC

Queen Mary College Old Boys FC

Ravenscroft Old Boys FC

Reigatians AFC

Royal Bank of Scotland FC

Royal Sun Alliance FC

Shene Old Grammarians FC

Sinjuns Grammarians FC

Sloane FC

Somerville Old Boys FC

Southgate County FC

Southgate Olympic FC


Tilburg Regents

UCL Academicals FC

University of Hertfordshire FC

Wandsworth Borough FC

Witan AFC

Wood Green Old Boys FC

Worcester College Old Boys FC

Wandgas F.C

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